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100 Things

Note: I make no excuse for or claim to the usefulness of the following information. This is simply a collection of pointless facts about me you can choose to use as you desire to. There is no specific reasoning behind this. I just got bored. Obviously, I was sufficiently bored enough to write this stupid header too. Some may come in handy, but I seriously doubt it.

1. Olive is my favorite girl’s name, followed by Morgan.
2. My favorite boy’s names are Emmett and Robin.
3. Mozart is my favorite composer, then Bach.
4. Apples make me burp.
5. I love grey cats, especially with black stripes.
6. Clydesdale horses are my favorite, followed closely by Appaloosa.
7. Blue is my favorite color, then green.
8. Alphonse Mucha is my favorite painter, followed by Vincent van Gogh, then Franz Kilne.
9. “What child is this?” is my favorite Christmas carol, then “Oh Holy Night”.
10. I love hummingbirds.
11. I don’t like ducks.
12. I’m always cold.
13. I have hazel eyes, one has a brown freckle in it.
14. Cricket is my nickname.
15. I’m told I look like an elf at least once every few months.
16. I feel like I am much more sensitive than people around me.
17. I have times for foods. Like, I can’t eat a ‘dinner’ food for breakfast.
18. I am a sugar addict.
19. I hate driving in the city, even highway merges scare me.
20. I have really crappy balance.
21. I’m good with my hands.
22. Mercedes Lackey, Margret Wies and Tracy Hickman are my favorite authors, then C.S. Friedman.
23. The Disney movies I own take up and entire shelf in a big bookcase of DVD’s.
24. I am a tomboy.
25. I don’t wear gold.
26. Amber is my favorite stone, then Hematite.
27. Waffle house order: 2 grilled cheese sand. and a diet coke.
28. Burger King order: chicken sand., fries, diet coke.
29: Subway order: 6 inch club (no ham) on white with cheese, lettuce, Mayo. SC&O chips, diet coke.
30. I’m not allergic to poison ivy.
31. I’ve never had my IQ tested.
32. I adore stargazer lilies.
33. I have a collection of rubber ducks my canvas company sends me.
34. I read fantasy, but I like series of three or more books the best.
35. I love big roller coasters.
36. Flying stingy insects scare me.
37. Tripping over things makes me madder faster than anything else.
38. I’m in the middle of writing a graphic novel.
39. The Titanic (the boat, not the movie) was something I loved before it was popular.
40. I have a 36 inch inseam.
41. I wear size 10-11 shoe.
42. I hate most closed-toed shoes, except my boots.
43. I joined the Air Force and spent 7 weeks in basic.
44. I love the wind.
45. I have really odd dreams, usually.
46. Most of my dreams are of flying.
47. I have never dreamed of a building I have entered in real life.
48. Due to two breaks at the elbows, both of my arms bend slightly backwards.
49. I have a giant scar on my right foot from falling down a flight of brick stairs.
50. I have a small scar on my upper lip from falling out of the front door.
51. I add raisins to my raisin bran.
52. Cinnamon gum gives me stomach aches.
53. I can sing along with every Yankovic song and not miss a word or beat.
54. I love rodeos. I have no idea why.
55. I love kids as long as they’re not mine.
56. Pork makes me sick.
57. I dislike having anything sticky on my skin, including spit. Slobbery boyfriends and dogs are to be avoided.
58. My treasured toys as a child were two stuffed dogs named PeeDee and RedDog.
59. When watching TV, I keep it to Animal Planet, Discovery, National Geographic and Spike TV.
60. My family used to breed fancy goldfish.
61. I don’t like coffee.
62. I don’t like wine.
63. I dislike Mickey Mouse, even though I love most things Disney.
64. I love buying new underwear.
65. I get migraines. They come from my mom’s side of the family, compounded by my epilepsy and hormones.
66. I kill just about every plant I touch.
67. I hate gardening, but will do so to attract hummingbirds.
68. Being a hummingbird bander might be really fun.
69. I’ve jessed and held an owl.
70. Peach roses are my favorite.
71. I generally dislike video games.
72. I get lost really easily, including in 3D video games.
73. I tend to switch hobbies quickly.
74. I worry that I’m a flake because of it.
75. I want to grow wisteria, but it’s invasive here.
76. I have never had a crush on any of my teachers.
77. Spice cake and red velvet cakes are my favorite kinds.
78. I dislike being scared. For this reason, I don’t go to haunted houses or watch horror films.
79. I think all beers taste the same, disgusting.
80. An empty work calendar makes me worried.
81. I don’t like pretzels.
82. I dislike organized religion.
83. I am and ‘hunt and peck’ typer, just really good at it.
84. I love swimming when it’s raining.
85. I’ve never tried drugs.
86. I’ve never tried cigarettes, even though I have dreamed more than once that I was smoking.
87. I used to play the flute and bassoon.
88. I’m pretty good at pinball.
89. I didn’t know how to sew until early 2005.
90. I couldn’t live without my digital camera. I am way too snap-happy!
91. I dislike diamonds.
92. I’ve never been overseas. Only in early 2005 was I even out of the US for the first time.
93. I was never sent to the principal’s office at school for being bad – only for good things.
94. I bite my nails and chew the inside of my mouth. Gotta love nervous habits.
95. I don’t own any credit cards. It keeps me out of trouble.
96. I feel that men should protest against abortion when they become capable of bearing a child and have monthly periods.
97. I love wonton soup.
98. I used to be deathly afraid of spiders. My sister cured me.
99. I still use the same pair of binoculars my mother bought me when I was 10.
100. I still have the first camera I ever owned, bought for me when I was 8.

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