10500Happy birthday to me! I”m 26 years old. Or, I will be at around 8pm Texas time. I got a special package from Random yesterday, but I didn”t open it until today. As you can see from the picture on the left, it”s a shirt! A chinese shirt that fits me perfectly, and it’s even in red. I love red. With the weight I”ve gained, it fit better than my lavender one that I bought in San Diego. I”ll have to iron it before I wear it anywhere. 🙂 It”s beautiful! Thank you David!! He also sent a lovely postcard with it, even after he sent one to me for Ottowa. I”ve already added the first to my postcard wall, and will add the second later tonight. I have to get pictures of all of them. I”m getting quite to collection going.

Also, who sent me flowers? I was shocked as hell to find them on my desk when I got home from work. John unpacked them and gave them water for me. Unfortunatly, the message that came with them has no name on it! I called Larry to see if he”d sent them, but he said not. They”re a lovely set of blue irises and yellow daylillies, and I”ll get some more photos of them as they bloom. Someone, please claim your handiwork so I can thank you!
Christine is throwing me a party, so I”ve got to run, but I”ll add more later!

Edit: Birthday party was great fun. We talked tons and pretty much chatted the night away. We played a funny game of Apples to Apples (Flapjacks, Whore!) and checked out Bruce”s fish. Brian gor me stunning Ruth Thompson framed print, How to Draw Manga book. Christine was pissed that hers she ordered didn”t come in, but I told her not to tell me what it is, so I”ll see later. John and I are too tight on budgeting right now, so my present from him will come later as well. Still no idea who the mystery flowers are from though.
Edit edit: Christine’s gift was the Peterson Field Guide, Hummingbirds of North America, which was on my most wanted bit of my list. It has awesome color plates of hummingbird feathers and faces. It’s the best hummingbird guide ever. Also, Laura owned up to sending the birthday flowers. Thanks Laura!