Japanfest was today! I Called my Mom last night and talked her into going too. She’s most likely where I got my love of anything Asian, so I knew She’d love it. Plus, she’s always wanted to get dressed up in a real kimono, and the ladies doing that were there last year. She drove down the Stone Mountain last night, so she and Dave stayed there, then met John and I at the gate. We walked around and spent way too much money, then finally found the ladies dressing up people in the far back. Whew! It was just $5 again, so I was thrilled. She got dressed up in the long one I was put into last year. I was told I’d have to wait for her to get out of it because they’d put me in it again, but I asked to wear a blue one hanging nearby instead. I figured no one would be taking pictures of my feet stinking out the bottom of it, Surprisingly, it fit! So we both got dressed up and got our pictures taken. 🙂 Much happy. I bought a shirt with a Geisha on it, and got ‘Cricket’ written in kanji on some rice paper. I would have bought more stuff, but the ATM was out of service. 🙁