‘So, my trip to Pittsburgh was a hell of an adventure. I’ve been back for a few days, but it’s taken me that long to get photos up and prepare for this monster entry. So:
Day 1: Friday My flight leaves from Hartsfeild ATL at 11:30am, which mean I have to be there by 9:30am to make sure I get through security on time. It’s an hour or so to the airport from here, so that means i have to leave here by 8am just to be safe. Since we just had a hurricane blow through, I added an extra 1/2 hour just in case there were trees down or something. This puts me getting up at 7am. Whee. It’s the kind of early that just makes me sick, literally. I got up so early that my stomach backfired on me. John is being nice enough to drive me into Atlanta, so I shut my mouth and just get in the truck. It’s bad weather outside, and my belly hates me all the way there, but I live. There’s not trees down and little traffic, so we make it into the airport about 3 hours before my flight. He gets breakfast, I get a Diet Coke, and then he leaves. I wander around the airport for a while, then head to my gate. I read for an hour before getting on the damn plane, but at least I’m not late. The flight takes off, and soon rises above the nasty weather into a stunning blue sky. I get to see sights like this about once every 4 years, so I snapped about 20 pictures. 🙂 I love flying. The flight attendants came and gave us all water and pretzels, then we landed. I rushed through the Pittsburgh airport to baggage claim, but there was no sign of David. I got my suitcase and wandered through the airport, looking for him for a bit, then eventually wandered back down to baggage claim where he was just arriving on a bus. We went back outside into the pouring hurricane, got on a bus, and rode it to Carnegie Mellon, where we had to catch another bus to his house. After slogging through about 4 inches of water everywhere (the bus skirted 2-3 feet in downtown), we waited for the bus. And waited. And waited. My feet were killing me, so I decided that I’d run into a local restroom and change my shoes. People were looking at me funny. When we went back outside, the bus was just pulling up. Jumping onto a PACKED bus was no fun, but walking 2 miles through the rain would have sucked more. We finally arrive at David’s place, and I raid my damn suitcase for dry clothes. We’re both tired as shit, so after some food, we conk out, him in his bed upstairs, and me on the couch. Wake up later, chat, watch some movie that I can’t remember, then go back to bed late. I was so tired that I was almost in tears (I get sad when I’m sleepy), and feeling horribly homesick. I missed John very much, and nearly cried myself to sleep.

Day 2: Saturday Get up late, and my bright self decides that I can handle a 2 mile walk to Panera for breakfast. 1/2 a mile later, I’m falling asleep at the wheel, and David’s looking at me like I might throw myself into traffic or something. Crickie’s just not built for that kind of thing, much as I like to think I am. We finally arrive at Panera, and I’m almost too tired to chew my damn food. I managed to cram it down and not fall asleep in my plate while David chuckles quietly into his coffee in the seat across from me. After a while I begin feeling more awake, so we head into the Forbes Street area. This is where the Cathedral of Learning Tower of Power), the Heinz Chapel, and the Carnegie Natural History Museum are all located. We opted for the most imposing Tower of Power first, and rode the elevators all the way to the 42nd floor. I was awestruck my the view inside and outside of this building. The inside looked like something you’d see in Venice, and the view from the top floor was stunning. There’s no view like that in Athens, and all the places in Atlanta like that are hotels with no access to the top floors. It was beautiful. After being swept off my feet (and taking a shitload of photos), we decided to go into the Heinz Chapel. Too bad for us, there was a wedding going on! I got a shot of the bride coming up the steps, and a few of the outside of the chapel. We then decided to hit the Natural History Museum. I like dinosaurs. They were doing renovations, so they didn’t charge us full admission, which was nice. There were a lot of dino bones in there. 🙂 Much better than the Fernbank in Atlanta, but not quite as well lit. I took pictures of almost everything. 🙂 There’s was even a wacky t-rex light show. We got done and went for lunch at Subway at about 3pm. After a slow lunch outside, we headed back to the chapel. Much to my disappointment, there was yet another wedding going on! We headed to David’s school (Carnegie Mellon) to see the buildings there, where we rolled down about 200 feet of hallway in rolling chairs. I ran into the wall. Then I wanted to see more of the city, so we wandered toward 5th ave, where there are more neat churches and things. After taking many photos and walking into ANOTHER wedding, we went back to David’s place and got dinner, watched part of ‘Brother, where art thou’, and went to bed. I was exhausted again, and feeling really homesick again, and DID cry myself to sleep.

Day 3: Sunday Got up late and read for a while. David and I strolled around a cemetery near his house for a few hours. There were some poor flooded graves. We also played Frisbee in the cemetery. Or rather, he threw it to me and I threw it at some trees. I cannot aim a Frisbee to save my life. Poor David kept having to run all over the place chasing after that damn thing. I finally gave up in utter embarrassment. We strolled about the cemetery, just looking and talking. It was really nice. Then we went back to his place to watch ‘Run Lola Run’, which I had never seen before. All I have to say is.. wow. What a weird movie. It was pretty cool, and Lola’s hair kicked ass. After the movie, I used David’s laptop to play with the photos I’d taken on Saturday. Then we just sat around and talked about things in our life for most of the rest of the day. I was still a bit homesick for John, and poor David was feeling lonely as well, so the conversation turned out being not-that-happy. There were still a few things left from when we’d been an item, and feelings like that don’t go away forever, he says. I understand, but I don’t think it was as bad for me. I had someone to go home to, but he’s just got himself right now. I felt awful for reminding him of things that used to be, and I sniffled to myself a little that night too.

Day 4: Monday Got up late again, had some breakfast, packed up and we were off to Carnegie Mellon again. I threw my suitcase into David’s office an we wandered around the university again. He got lunch at a Pita Place, but I wasn’t that hungry. He did let me eat the pita bread part, so I fed a little to some rather stupid and skittish pigeons. He had class, so I left and wandered down to the Heinz Chapel again, hoping to get in this time. To my shock, a memorial service was just starting! Damn it!! So, I took a few more larger format pictures on the inside of the Tower of Power, then sat down on a bench to await the memorial service’s finish. I called Mom and Dad, just to gossip while I was bored. Mom had to work, but Dad had some time to talk. He said John was a ‘brave soul’ for being okay with me visiting my ex in another city. Finally the memorial let out, and I ran in. I just wanted some photos before another wedding or service started. There seemed to be a tour going on, so I joined in and listened to the guy speak about the chapel for about 10 minutes, then they had to leave. I stayed, and got some more photos. The speaker seemed to enjoy having someone to talk to for more than 10 minutes at a time. He even let me up on the balcony to take some pictures, then explained all about the stained glass windows. He finished up by telling me all about the 4000 organ pipes they have in the chapel, and then played me a little on it. I must have looked like a newborn kitten, all eyes. He kept laughing at my expression of awe. The cathedral was stunning as well, and I got plenty of photos. Then, I walked back to Carnegie Mellon and David and I caught a bus to the Pittsburgh airport. We got some dinner when we got there, and he left. I was about an hour early, so I wandered around the mini-mall they had there. I strolled into a Victoria’s Secret, where a pushy saleswoman got me to try on just about everything in the store. She must have worked on commission. I fit into ONE bra, which is the only thing is VS that I’ve ever fit into. It looked great on me too, so I bought it. I’m sure the pushy saleswoman was happy with my new $36 bra. She tried to get me to open a credit line and buy some $20 panties too, but that’s where I drew the line. I rushed to my gate before she could talk me into buying something else, and before I could talk myself into returning the damn bra. Got on the plane and flew home. I tried to take some pictures, but my camera just gets blurs at night. I did get a stunning video of us landing though. 🙂 John picked me up and we went to go hang out with some friends for a while. I talked to Atari for an hour about typesetting and fonts. I’m suck an art geek. John and I drove home and crashed.

That’s where my little adventure ends, and you can see all 180 photos in the Pittsburgh 2004 album.