I’ve had a head cold or something for the past few days. It’s just been exhausting. Even getting up to go pee has been hard work. I’ve been waking up lots and just been in a foul mood as well. Head cold + UTI + PMS and cramps = miserable Heather. 🙁 So today I woke up feeling pretty good, so I decided to try out getting Hummingbird photos. I ordered a 15 foot USB cable for my camera a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to rigging up a camera-hanger so I could take photos. My camera has a ‘remote-capture’ function, so I plug it into the computer (via the extension USB cord), and start up the program. I can see what the camera sees on my computer and take pictures from in here, without scaring the birds off. It took some experimentation, but I finally got a few that I like. 🙂 The poor boy kept getting scared by the camera’s clicking sound when it takes a picture though. You can see the rest in the Hummingbird Album.