This happened a few weeks ago, but I’ve been late in putting it up because I wanted to get photos. 🙂 Blixem drives a bike (read: motorcycle) to work in ATL. He was selling the one he’d been driving to buy a newer one. I was babysitting for their little boy one night when I get this call:

B: Uh.. Heather? Can you get ahold of John for me? I’m stalled or something about 15 miles out of town, and he’s got a truck.
H: Shit. I just tried to call him, but his phone is off. You’ll have to wait until I get home to tell him.
B: Fuck! I’ll call my woman and see if she can get home to relieve you soon.

I got home and we went to go rescue poor Blixem. He’d been standing out there for a good 2 hours when we showed up, and finally a cop pulled up to check on us. I guess to make sure we weren’t stealing the bike. He helped us get it in the back of the truck, then sent us on our way. It was at least 2 am before we got back into town with the bike. The kicker? Blixem has an appointment in 6 hours to sell the bike. Turned out to be a bug caught in the fuel line, clogging it. He went to get himself a new bike the week after. 🙂