I have hummingbirds! So, after a week of no birds outside ever, I moved the hummingbird feeder to a higher location. Tang’s mother told me you have to have the feeder at least 7 feet off the ground or they won’t come to it. So, I took it off the window and hung it with the rest of the feeders. Two days later, I have hummingbirds! I have my computer next to the patio door (to see the birds, of course). I’m working on e-mails and I keep seeing a streak of white out of the corner of my eyes. I turn, but see nothing. John comes in and sits down at his computer and I say “I swear, I keep seeing what I think is a hummingbird out there.” He says “Yeah?”, turns to look at the feeder and right then, we both see the first brave bird fly down and grab a sip. I’m too excited to grab my camera, so I have to stand and wait for the next bird to come down. I think I was standing still for a good 15 minutes before another ventured back. I got a few good ones of it, but forgot to change the settings on my camera, so I have to wait another 15 minutes before I get better pictures. Right now I think I may have two different birds coming. I get one that flies away to the left, and another that flies away to the right. They seem to visit once every 10 minutes or so now. You can see more here.

Edit much much later: The 7 foot thing is totally untrue. There are plenty of hummingbird polinated flowers hat aren’t 7 feet tall. The trouble here was the the feeder was under an overhang and not visible to migrating birds.