‘So, my birthday was fun. 🙂 Larry came up to visit for a bit. He put together a kick-ass Orbital CD for me, and gave me a great fairy costume book. We went shopping all over town for birdfeeders. I got a large-bird (jays and robins) feeder, a small-bird feeder (finches and sparrows), and a hummingbird feeder. I have placed them in strategic places, but have has no visitors so far. I think I need to throw some seed further out. I had some ice cream late in the day that made me feel awful, so I went home at around 6 or so. John had spent the day baking me a surprise cake. Spice cake, my very favorite. With French vanilla icing! I sat down a for a while, but started feeling better in a bit, so we took the cake over to hang with Trin and Blix and Tang. We watched old Muppet show episodes all night. It was great. 🙂
I also now have 4 mice! Trin decided she could part with them once they began making lots of noise at night. Luckily, I’m keeping them in the main room, so I won’t be able to hear them at night. They are

Summer: dark sate grey, mother of all of the others
Kitty Pryde: Light slate grey, escape artist
Bootsie: Brindle, black and brown, very very freindly
Artie: Fatso, lardass mouse of the group

Artie is scared of everything, Bootsie wants to see everything, Kitty Pryde wants to get out of everything, and Summer just ignores everything. Kitty figured out the ladders first, but Bootsie figured out the rope first. They are uber-cute. They pee all over everything though, so a lining of baby powder on the bottom of the cage may be a must. Also a good air-freshener in the room should help a lot.
I’m begining to get unpacked here. John and I are not having fun with it, but it’s got to get done. We have a wonderful view of the courtyard out the back of the place, with a patio. We even set up a table on the patio so we could have breakfast outside in the mornings. 🙂 There are a few things about the apartment I’d change, but on the whole it’s quite nice. The main problem is bugs here. First day it was wasps. Second day it was two tiny roaches. Third day it was a pair of small spiders. Fourth day it was a giant roach (most likely in from outside somehow). Today it was a huge spider (hopefully in from outside). I mean, yikes! We killed all of the interlopers, but I fear what we may find tomorrow. Time to declare war on bugs. My other main thing with this place is water pressure. The guest shower and sink are great, but the master bath shower and sink just dribble. May have someone in to take a look at that, but I have no idea what they’ed do with it. For now, I’m taking my showers in the guest shower. I think I may take a nice bath tonight though.