So, John and I are moved. It took us 4 freaking days to move and clean. We would have failed miserably if not for the help of Trin, Larken, Blixem, Justin and Brian. Trin helped me AND Tang move, all in the same weekend. Brian drove all the way up from Carollton to help us move out and clean. He was also the first guest in our guest/game/library room. There’s NOTHING but the essentials unpacked here yet. I am terribly sore from running up and down the stairs all weekend, and I’ve been short on sleep too. Had the scare from hell the first day here. Signed the lease and did the walk-through, but found WASPS in the master bedroom window. Right between the screen and the glass, there’s a huge wasp nest. I took some photos before the nice man came to kill them. I’ll post them when I have a little bit more time. Tomorrow: unpacking. I threw out SO much crap, but I still had tons to move, and now I have tons to unpack. With John’s stuff in here too, it looks like a warehouse. The kitchen is packed to the brim, there’s boxes of books stacked up everywhere, and I just want to go to bed and sleep for a week. John had to go out to wally-world today to get some coaxial cable so I could get the internet up and running. I gave away my second LAN card, so I have to get another one of those for my computer (I get to be a server) tomorrow so we can get his connection up.