I’m packing up, getting ready for the move. Since today is officially a week before I begin to move, today is the day that I begin taking all of the stuff down off of may walls. It sure looks bare in here. My bathroom is once again the asylum bathroom, because all of the fish on the walls are gone. Tomorrow I get to take the drafting table of the to Trin and Larken, as well as a few bags of clothes that don’t fit me anymore. Pants that are too short.. etc. I figured I should give them to someone who may want them rather than just throwing them away. They can donate whatever they don’t keep.
I also keep running out of boxes. I keep taking the old ones from work (the ones they’d just throw away otherwise), but they don’t have as many as I need. I think I may have to go to Kroger and ask for some. I don’t have mice yet either. I guess I will get them after I move, once Trin’s kitty gets delivered.
The upcoming sexy Halloween should be great fun. Larken and Trin are going as the lion and the zebra from the ‘Holy crap lions tours, Only in Kenya’ flash viddie. Atari is quite excited. I’m going as a showgirl: corset, stockings, feathers in my hair… etc. I have to remember to bring an extra change of clothes, otherwise I’ll be stuck in that corset all night. Whew!