I got paid today, for my first week on the job. Let me tell you, having an income again is wonderful. I felt like I was just sponging off of everyone I knew. I still don’t have a bank account of my own right now though. I deposited my check in John’s account. He’s now managing my money for me/us. It sounds terrible, but I seriously feel much better handing him the financial reigns and walking away. He may get all of my income right now, but he also got all of my debt. I have to work out how to pay a few bills in my name that cannot be transferred, but I should be okay for now. Still saving for that camera! Heh, fat chance I’ll get it though.
Work has been great so far. It’s been almost two weeks, but I’m already quite settled in. A few things to work out and many parents’ names to learn, and I’ll be set! I’ve been decorating my room this week. That’s right. MY room. 🙂 I have my own room. To dress as I please. I’m doing a fish theme right now. I have foam kelp hanging from the ceiling and fish stuck everywhere. I even have a big pink and purple octopus on one of my bulletin boards. It’s quite festive in there! The only things I don’t really enjoy is the communication gap and the diapers. These kids are two, so most of the day consists of “Take that out of your mouth. Take that out of your mouth. Keep your lips to yourself. Take that out of your mouth.” I’d really prefer to be in with the 4 year olds, where conversations are actually two-sided and make sense. It’s quite fun though. I come home tired, but I can’t wait to go back the next day. I never even consider calling in sick, even when I feel like poo. I can’t ever picture myself doing anything else.