So, who’s got a radio or a CD player in the car they drive? Shit, who doesn’t? I’ll bet yours isn’t possessed though. Mine is. See, on the way home from school everyday near lunchtime, the station I listen to plays a ‘retro-plex’. It’s an all-request show devoted to 80’s and 90’s music. They throw in a LOT of movie quotes with the songs too. Here’s where it gets weird. My radio has been on the fritz lately. It doesn’t come on when I turn on my car like it should, but instead waits to turn on until I’m already into my drive. Sometimes it’s 2-3 yards, other times it 2-3 miles! It just goes on and off when it pleases. It also turns the volume up to max when it does come on every once in a while. So, today, I turn on the car, and the radio doesn’t turn on. I begin driving, no radio. I keep driving, no radio. This is beginning to piss me off because I hate the sound of the road. So, right as I’m thinking “This sucks!” the damn radio comes on, max volume. No shitting you, I hear the Joker scream “THIS TOWN NEEDS AN ENEMA!!” at like, 600 decibels, and then the radio flips itself off again. I swear, I almost drove off the damn road.