Well, I’m now back in class for summer, which means I bought books today. ::sigh:: I HAD money, for a while. I have two classes. One from 8am to 10am, and one from 10:15am to 12:15pm. Wheeee… It’s only for 5 weeks though. Would you believe that the finals are on my birthday? One class has already moved the final to July 30, but I’m not sure about the other.

I also get to pack up all of my crap this month! Yippie.. The bunnies go to their new place soon, which means I can start packing and not have them eat the boxes. I have loads to throw out. Trin is taking my drafting table, since all of the art I do now is digital. I’m throwing out loads of crap that I just haven’t used in forever, so if you’re looking for something, let me know. I may have it. My fish will be going with me, and Trin’s 4 mice (which means I have to mouse-proof the birdcage I have), but no more pets for me. I think the only thing that John and I will have doubles of is a microwave. His bed will go in the game room/library, in case one of us wants to sleep alone, and he doesn’t have a couch. Pots and pans are all useful, and the second TV will also go in the game room, so we can play video games on it.