Got up this morning to feed the two betas Meggie left with me a year ago, and realized that sometime in the night, my count of two had dropped to one. He’d had a swim bladder problem for months, but there’s no medicine I could give him for it at all. Poor guy. Oh well.. no fanfare or tears over his death, I suppose. I fished him out of the bowl with a spoon and gave him a short burial ‘at sea’. I figured I’d spare everyone the pictures.
I also found out that I’ll be taking all 4 of Trin’s mice instead of just two, but I’m not sure when I will have them. She wants me to take them ASAP, but I don’t think I have anywhere to put them just yet. I may have to wait until I move, as one of them is aptly named ‘Kitty Pryde’. I may rename her ‘Shadowcat’, but the escape artist tendencies are the same no matter what name she has. I have to make sure no one can get out of the cage I plan on using for them.