So, I give a $300 holding check to the apartment people of the place John and I are moving and say “Can you hold this until I give you a call? I need to have a check clear my bank first.” and the nice lady that’s been helping us says “Sure! Just give me a call when we can cash it!” ::sigh:: They cashed it anyway, without so much as a nice call saying “Hey, we’re cashing that check you told us not to!”. This wouldn’t have been so bad, except that I had already paid bills with the $300 they took, and it overdrew my account. Add that to the fact that my bastard boss didn’t call in my pay hours this week (again), and that means that my account is overdrawn now by $457, adding in the $270 of bank fees Wachovia slapped me with. What fun! So, I’m planning on going over there today and seeing what they will do about that to keep me as a rental customer.

Update: 2 hours later. Went over and talked to the nice lady, who was absolutely mortified and very sorry that She’d failed to let the other people know about not cashing it. To make it right, she wrote me a check out of her pocket to cover my $270 in bank fees. Now I feel terrible, taking someone else’s money. It’s awful knowing that her mistake is $270. 🙁 So, I will cook for her and be nice, and hope she doesn’t feel too badly.

Update: 6 hours later than last update. Manager called back, she says that the nice lady wasn’t allowed to write me a check out of her personal account, and that the check has been stopped. She offers me 1/2 month rent free ($285), and I agree. This makes me feel loads better. I can’t handle taking people’s personal money, but business cash is easier. Unfortunately, this means that once the check isn’t deposited, I’ll have $-23 in my account, so I still can’t spend anything.