Holy shit. I’m sorry for not writing, everyone. I’ve been under so much pressure it’s unbelievable. Here’s a quick list:

1. School work
2. Ear infection (took me out of school for a week)
3. Catch-up school work.
4. Big school projects coming due at the end of the quarter.
5. Finding a new apartment
6. Applying and getting approved for new place.
7. Applying for loans for new place.
8. 2 root canals
9. Need to find a loans for root canals.
10. Finals week coming up soon, all 3 finals on Monday June 14th
11. Finding home for bunnies, because I can’t afford to pay the pet fees and rent.
12 Need to find car insurance.
13. Need to get car power steering fixed.
14. Clean and pack..

It just goes on and on. My grades have been slipping because I just haven’t had enough time, and I’m just going crazy trying to get everything working together on time. I have found a nice home for my bunnies, and they will move places before I do, giving me a bit more room for packed boxes. I also have to go through all of my stuff here, throwing away all kinds of shit I don’t need anymore. ::sigh:: My head is going to blow up. I move at the end of July, and John and I are thinking of throwing a apartment-warming party, but we have no idea when. It’ll have to be when we’re mostly unpacked. It’ll be strange not having any pets anymore.. I miss my babies already, and they’re not even gone yet! I hope to get a pair of little girly mice from Trin, but when we move in I will have two fish.. only. ::nod:: I’m not all that happy about that, but there’s nothing to be done about it.. 🙁 Makes me sad. I like having something to come home to.