People often think “Oh, if I could back and change this one day in my life, everything would be great!” What would be your one day, why would you change it, and what do you think would occur if you made this change?

Wow… that is really hard! I’m temped to say many days.. but.. honestly, if they hadn’t have happened I wouldn’t be who I am now. I like who I am now, mostly. The only think I’d like to maybe change would be this one day back in elementary school.
Back then, I was too tall for my age (taller than all of the boys), I was clumsy, I has zits allover the place, and I was a dreamer. One day, we had a test. I am a good reader (even then, I was), and I happened to finish earlier than everyone else. There were free-read books in the corner, so I got up and stepped over to the bookcase to read something. Instead of getting one and sitting back down with it, I stood there and read. As I was reading, I failed to notice that I’d been practicing my ballet moves while standing there. The class behind me began to laugh at me, and I turned around horrified.. I blushed bright red, then stumbled back to my seat.

What I would change: A. Pick up the book and sit back down with it. or B. Take a bow and smile at the end of my ‘dance’. These two things may or may not have changed much, but I like to think that if I had not experience this certain thing, I would see myself in a better light. I may think of myself as less gawky, less clumsy,.. etc. I might think of myself as more sexy, more graceful.. I might enjoy my height.. If I hadn’t been the laughing stock of my class that day, I might have a better self image.. I could be happier with myself and my body.
Now, this may have some negative effects as well: If I had a better self image, I might be one of those Barbie cut-outs, content in my ignorant stupidity because I grew up popular and accepted. Even if that didn’t happen, I might have a huge ego, and think no one was good enough for me. I could think I deserve better than what I have, I might even think that I should be worshipped.. I think I rather like who I am now, rather than a stuff-ego empty-headed idiot female.