This is my 500th entry. I’ve been blogging since 2001. I went back to read a few of the early entries, and I feel old. 🙂 I keep the blog so I will remember what I was doing and feeling at these times in my life, but when I go back and read then, I feel stupid for feeling and thinking those things.

Anyway, in celebration of my 500th entry, I will celebrate here. ::waves arms in the air:: It’s a PAAARRRRTYY!
To celebrate, I will answer ANY question. Anything you ask me. Leave a comment here, and I’ll answer the questions you as in the form of a new post. I want to hear what you want me to tell you! Honestly, anything.. how often I pet my rabbits, if I like gay pr0n, if I like women, etc. Whatever, just ask! It’s a party!