‘So, yesterday, I get a call from my mom and she says “Heather, I’ll send you the Six Flags photos, but don’t put any of Dave and I up. He doesn’t think he needs to have a lettuce picture plastered all over the web.” I ask her why not, and she says “Even though you live your life like an open book, there are some of us who don’t.”
This really shocked me. I wouldn’t really consider myself a private person anymore, but I once was.. I once couldn’t have even considered keeping an online diary, much less writing about some of the stuff I do now. It made me think about who I am now, and why I am okay with it now when I wasn’t before… I kind-of grew into the web-log thing, and now it strikes me as odd that other people might not want details of themselves all over the web. I simply don’t even think about it anymore. I pretty much write most of my un-edited thoughts and feelings here, and put up even the retarded pictures of myself.. I guess I’ve forgotten what it feels like to life a life that isn’t mine..
That makes me feel really self-absorbed and egocentric. I really think of myself as a nice and considerate person, but if I don’t even think about other people’s privacy anymore, maybe I’m not. On the other hand, maybe I just have become so acclimated to the blog phenomenon that I share all of myself without thinking much about it.