‘This is stolen with permission directly from Flesh Eating Zombie. I found this incredibly funny and had to share.

Here’s my story about the word Some. Before I start let me tell you that I work in a BBQ house. Yes I’m a cook, I love my job but since the store was bought about by another company I’ve had to work the front line taking orders. Its been interesting to say the least.
The owners name is Dale, The assistant manager is Shannon, and the kitchen manager is Larry.
So I’m up front taking orders last week on Wednesday and this woman comes in to place a large order. With that I am my usual polite self, kind as I can be. Towards the end of her order she says, “Yes, and I would like Some Hot dogs.”
I say, “Alright so you want Two”
Lady, “No I want some”
Me, “Alright 5?” Mockingly
Lady starting to get mad, “Ma’am, I want some hotdogs”
Me, “Yes, but how many, ten, Twenty, a Million? How many would you like?”
Lady, “I want some”
Out of nowhere Shannon says from the back, “Seven?”
She says, “Yes.”
Me chuckling, “Alright, what would you like on those dogs?”
Lady, “I want 2 with chili only, 3 with mustard and ketchup, and 4 all the way”
Me, “Alright so that’s NINE hotdogs then!”
Lady, “Yes, that’s right.”
I finally get her entire order ready and start to ring her out. “Your total comes tooo…” The lady pipes up again angry at the sight of me. “Ma’am where are my Corn Dogs.” I squint my eyes trying not to burst of laughing once more, “Ma’am you didn’t ask for any Corn Dogs, However how many would you like so that I can cook then for you?”
She just stares at me and shrugs saying, “Well just a few.” I walk away into the corner and burst into laughter, meanwhile Shannon is on the other side laughing so hard that he’s hanging on to a tea urn for dear life. I come back, “How many exactly would you like?” “Oh, Just a Few.”…. “Three?”…. “No”…”Five?”… “Umm, no” “Four?”
“Yes’m, Four Corn Dogs.” Me laughing while calling out the order, “A few Corn Dogs to Go!”
*Once again I get her food together and “ Your Total Comes too….”, “Wait, just one minute where on gods green earth is my Corn?” I look at the ticket stub and arching a brow I say, “Oh, well you didn’t specify how you wanted the corn cooked, our corn comes two ways Boiled or Fried, How would you like your Corn Cooked?”
Lady, “I want my Corn!” From the back Larry just burst for one second into laughter and mysteriously wanders away as the laughter diminishes into the distance. “I will be glad to get your corn,” Laughing “Your getting it Fried.”
Once again, “Your order comes too…” “Where’s my Tea.” Out of no where Shannon comes to the counter with a Gallon of Tea Declaring, “Here’s a Gallon ON US, Just LEAVE!”
So Apparently, Some equals 9 hotdogs, 4 Corn Dogs, Fried Corn and a Gallon of Tea.
After the craziness I found the owner holding on to the back office door dying of laughter, he had been watching the whole thing on the Cameras with no sound. All he saw was Shannon holding onto a tea urn for dear life laughing and me flailing my arms about talking to this woman. Larry was found in the office banging his head on the desk.