I teach a room full of two-year olds. Eight of them, all day long. (John told his sensei what I do for a living and he says “Teach two year olds? You don’t teach two year olds. You spray for them.” LOL) We’re working on potty training, because it’s fewer times a day I have to fold them in half and wipe poop off of everything. Most of my eight are getting it. I have three that pee in the potty every time, three that are a bit spotty but are getting it, and two that are scared of the potty (this is quite common). Unfortunatly, none of them actually poo in the potty yet, so most of the diapers I look at everyday have shit in them. Fun. They mostly poop solid-ish poo, but I have one whose crap is squishy-wet every time. We had corn yesterday, so that makes them crap everywhere the day after. So, I walk in this morning and the squishy one greets me with “Miss Heather! I pooped!”