I watched Titanic again today. I know, before you all groan and quit reading, I’ll tell you that I was obsessed about the ship itself years before the movie ever came out. I saved my allowance for months to buy a giant 15lb book on it, a book that I still have to this day. Anyway, I watch the movie every once in a while. I really dislike DiCaprio, but it’s worth watching him for three hours because of Kate Winslet. I think half the movie is simply devoted to showing the audience how beautiful she is. I remember wishing fervently that I looked like her. Her makeup man was a genius. Anyway, this inspired me to throw together a quick list of the actresses that I find to be stunningly beautiful, to the point that I will watch a movie over again just to see how pretty they are again.

Kate Winslet – Stunning in Titanic, but I don’t find her all that attractive elsewhere. I love her long red hair and eyes.
Milla Jovovich – Love the sassy red hair in The Fifth Element, plus she’s quite lovely in just about everything else. Her eyes are great.
Liv Tyler – She makes me swoon. If I were a man, I think I’d be stalking her before I could stop myself. To die for in Lord of the Rings, and almost as stunning in everything else she’s been in. Plus, I’ve been told that I look a lot like her. Whee!
Lucy Liu – Playing in Kill Bill gave her a chance to dress up in a kimono, much to my delight. Oriental women are lovely, and she’s one of the best.
Zhang Ziyi – Yet another gorgeous oriental woman, this time Chinese. She looks great in both Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers. She makes me want to be Asian. Love the almond eyes.
Jennifer Connelly – Loved her in my childhood as Sarah (Labyrinth), but she was also beautiful in the comic adaptation The Rocketeer. Her dark hair and wide eyes always get me.
Moira Kelley – The movie that makes her look the best is The Cutting Edge. Again, dark hair, wide eyes. She has a very cute face too.
Laura San Giacomo – I don’t much care for her in anything but Quigley Down Under, but she take my breath away in that movie alone. She’s short, but sweet and sassy all in one. Dark hair and a compact face make her beautiful.
Catherine Zeta Jones – I first came to love her looks in Mask of Zorro, then she appeared in ‘The Haunting’ and ‘Chicago’. Dark hair, pale skin, dark eyes.

After compiling this list, I found I tend to go for the same look in almost all of them. Long, dark, wavy/curly hair, large, almond shaped eyes, full lips and pale skin. I have no idea why this is though. 🙂 Who do you like?