Two days ago, my MacBook Pro went to sleep. Upon waking it up, the video was dead dead dead. A restart didn’t work, neither did resetting the battery. I could hear the startup chime as well as my gmail notifier chirp, so I knew it was booting, but not showing any picture.
I took it to the local Apple store and checked it in for $60. The technician calls me back 12 hours later and states that it’s not booting at all and that I have a logic board problem. Well, if I can hear the programs I’ve installed running, then obviously it’s booting. I ask him to check it again since I know it’s booting. 15 minutes later he calls and tells me the same thing.
I did a little research online about black screens, and it turns out that some of the graphics cards installed on my model of computer are known to be faulty. I call back the local store and let them know about the issue and request that they check the video card. 15 minutes later, they call back again and state that it’s still not booting at all.
I called Apple (they answered in two rings!!), told them my problems and told them what I thought it was. The wonderful woman on the phone confirmed that I had the problem video card and that they symptoms I was describing fit with the issue perfectly.
In less than 15 minutes on the phone, she had my information and had shipped me out a box so I could ship it back to them. Since this is a known issue, Apple’s repairing it for FREE, even though I’m out of warranty.
I went and picked up the computer from the local store and turned it on in the car. Oh hey, it’s still playing those sounds on startup! Booting FTW!
I got the box from Fedex this morning (overnight!) and packaged up my baby. Fedex is coming back to my house to pick it up and will deliver it to Texas tomorrow morning so Apple can replace my video card for me. They’ll then ship it back to me for free again.
Apple phone support: Rocks.
Local Apple store: $60 Fail.