John and I also finally got to go on our 3.5 anniversary trip. We chose to head to Pine Mountain’s Wild Animal Safari. It was a near to three hour drive there, but it was so worth it. We wandered around downtown Pine Mountain first, because we needed to get lunch. We ate at this tiny little hole in the wall cafe. I expected some local to come in screaming that we’d taken ‘his spot’. It was surprisingly good food though.. at least for me. John didn’t much care for it, but I got a wonderful garlic chicken thing. It was great. After food, we wandered around the antique district, but there wasn’t much there save for a shop that sold replica swords. Then we headed to go see the ‘wild animals’. It’s a drive though safari thing. We bought some critter cubes to feed them all with, and drove in. The first thing we saw as we went in was a herd of cows/steer/bison waiting on us. I rolled down the window, and a steer and a bison came right up and stuck their whole heads inside the window. They are BIG, and they slobber… a lot. The bison had gigantic red clay boogers in his nose, and some of them dropped on me.. YUCK! There were even bison boogers on the truck’s window. I had to use the over shirt I wore as a snot rag. Bleaugh. There were also zebras, deer, elk, a rhino, a giraffe, some pigs, some emus, and a LOT of steer. I mean.. there have to be close to 75 cows in that park. I had a great time, but I could have done without the snot. You can see all of the photos here.