I’ve been so busy! It’s my break from school, but I’ve been so busy!! I checked my grades and I got all A’s this past quarter. I guess I did pretty well on my finals. Because my GPA did not transfer over, I now have a 4.0, something I’ve never had in my life. Also, because my grades are so good, my dad has agreed to fill the two biggest holes in my teeth. I’m terrified of dentists. Last time I went in for a filling, it was in one of my front teeth. Even after 5 shots of Novocain, I was still in tears. I begged them to stop, but the bitch-dental-assistant looked at me and actually said “You’re not in pain. Shut-up.” I don’t want to go back at all. So, John found a place in Athens that does sedation dentistry. They give you a big sleepy pill and then walk you into the office and drill on you. I would have no memory of it, and I’d be all happy with no teeth hurties. So, hopefully I can get that taken care of soon.