It’s also the end of the quarter for me at school now. Last classes were today, and finals are on Thursday and Friday. I have only two, but only one that I really have to study for, which in my ECE final. That class covers a hell of a lot more than I thought it would. I figured that with my experience in a daycare, I’d be well ahead of everyone in a 101 class, but that’s not the case at all. I’m pretty much on an even keel with everyone else, and I’ve learned a LOT by just being there. I’ve got almost two full day to study though, so I should be fine.

Sociology with Mrs Dean is not worrying me at all. Right now I’ve got a perfect score, but I can’t decide if it’s because I earned them or if it’s because I’m Hannah’s friend. Hannah is Mrs. Dean’s little girl. I see her about once a week to hang out and do girly stuff. I love kids, so I offered to be with her once in a bit to take some of the load off Mrs Dean (she has a lot of things to think about that are private and not to be gone into here), but I LIKE Hannah. She’s smart and silly, and fun to be around. Last Thursday, we went shopping, just the two of us. We spent about an hour looking at earrings. It was a lot of fun. 🙂 Anyway, so I’m not too sure if I’ve earned my good grades or if she’s just giving them to me because I take her daughter out for a bit. I suppose I’ll never know. Today was the last Sociology class I’ll have… It wasn’t nearly long enough.. Mrs. Dean is one of the kindest and strongest people I’ve ever had the privilege to know, and now I won’t get to see her every day anymore. Her class is so much fun to sit through, because she makes it so interesting. Just by being herself, she makes every class session fun. I don’t think I even missed one day in there, because I looked forward to it every time. There was a point in the quarter when the things she had to deal with (again, private) got to be so much that she couldn’t make it to class for a few days, and sent an e-mail to everyone in apology. I mean, who does that when they feel horrible? She’s always thinking of others. She wrote in that e-mail that her superiors were thinking of replacing her, so I went to the head of the department and pleaded with them not to. I’m not sure if what I did made any difference, but she stayed with us. I just hope my classes next quarter will be as much fun. I’m still going to see her though, because I still get to see Hannah, but it won’t be that class I look forward to everyday anymore. It’s quite sad, and I wish she taught more than just that one class. I take anything in a heartbeat. Hell, I’d pay to be able to take that sociology class again!