10254I have to walk through some wonderfully gorgeous trees on my way into my apartment everyday. Now normally, this would be great and beautiful. These tress however, smell horrible. I have no idea why they do, but to me, they smell like dead fish. Meggie and I have long commented on the odor of these particular trees. Anyone know what they are? Bradford Pears. One of the most popular landscaping trees in the south. Widely available and hardy trees, they seem to be bursting into bloom all over Athens. Uhg. I love pretty trees, but damn.. I walk under these things everyday, and it’s just awful It’s a really sour odor that just hang in the air instead of whisping away like any other odor. I never heard of a Bradford Pear before I move to GA. I think they’re only southern trees. Anyone else have these? They smell like dead fish to you too?