So… John’s back in school again. He only has a few classes left to take and he’ll graduate with a degree, which is really really important in the accounting world. His first day is today, which means he’s gone from 7am to about 1am. He’s going to come back dead tired and miserable.
I don’t know how I feel about his going back, honestly. Yes, it’s really important for him to have a degree. Yes, he’s in a much better place mentally than he was last time. Yes, it’ll make finding a job so much easier. ::sigh:: But it was still SO awful for him the last time that I don’t want to see him putting himself through that again. I’m worried that all of his mental progress will just evaporate and he’ll feel like hell 24/7 again.
I KNOW he can push himself and finish it, no matter how crappy her feels while doing it, but it’ll really dampen the joy of finishing if the whole thing has been an ordeal. I know he can focus enough to get it done, but I don’t know that he’s goign to be all that fun to be around for a while. 🙁