We stayed in a Days Inn, right on the coast, while we were there. We got in at about 9pm, so we didn’t get to see much of the area in the dark. It was the only thing left in town, as last night happened to be prom night there. I have no idea why prom would be in February, but it was. Nothing at all in town, and Jared was lucky enough to find a coupon that made our normally $100/night room price drop to $70/night. Thanks Jared! John and I ordered Chinese delivered, since all of the places to eat were covered in high school kids. I called Larry from the balcony to thank him for the tulips he’d driven up at 3am to leave up my doorstep that morning. It was freezing though, so I went to bed soon after dinner. I woke up to the calls of seagulls at about 7:30am. The sun was streaming through the windows from the ocean, and I quickly got dressed so I could see the view outside in the light. The second I stepped outside, about 30 seagulls converged on the air outside of my 7th floor balcony, just hovering there, looking at me. I could have reached out and touched them, they were so close. I saw Jared on the beach below, so I went down to join him. While we were there, we saw a guy feeding the seagulls up at the hotel, above us. I decided that I had to do it too, so Jared and I intercepted John and headed back up to feed them the remains on the chips that came with our Chinese the night before. It was amazing. As soon as the birds saw we were feeding them, all 50 swooped down on my balcony. I got some great shots of these attack birds, and Jared and I were feeding them out of our hands. One nipped me once by accident, and it hurt a lot. Seagulls are big! They were coming in from everywhere, and soon we were out of chips to feed them, so Jared ran down to the lobby to get a free muffin to feed them, and I got some great shots of that the flock looks like from a little bit away. I saw one particular seagull watching me up close a lot, and he had a particular quirk about him that reminded me a bit of my Granddaddy. I imagined him right there, watching me have fun even though he was gone, and it comforted me. He wouldn’t want anyone to be sad for too long, and it was as if he needed to know that I would be okay. I will be.