You may recall that I planted petunias in my front flowerbed some months ago. They’re quite dead now, thanks to some men with bleach water. They were hire to clean the mold/algae out of the apartment gutters. This would have been fine if they’d managed to keep the bleach water off of my plants, but they failed utterly. The petunias withered and died a long drawn out slow death. They were damn pretty while they lasted though. Nice and red. I was complaining to Larken‘s mom yesterday about how the nice gutter-cleaning men with the bleach murdered my petunias. I told her I wished I could buy some more, but I couldn’t afford it. She surprised me with $20 yesterday evening, just for plants! Whee! Since hurricane Dennis is making everything cloudy and breezy here today, I figured that it’s be a good day to do some gardening. First I did my research on plants that will survive the hot southern sun. Roses, petunias, and begonias all do well here, but wal-mart was out of red petunias. I talked John into helping me haul around 120lbs of garden dirt, and I planted. I bought a tree rose (angel face), and two begonias (dragon wing). It was hot even with the breeze, but I got it done. John insisted I buy some garden gloves, after the blisters I got last time, but I still got one on each thumb. Owie. My plants look great though. I just hope the rain we’ll get tonight doesn’t come with insanely heavy winds. The rose is staked up, but the begonias are not.