This week has been insanely busy. I’ve been swamped in homework and tests, but I’m still making A’s in both classes, so I guess I’m doing alright. I got to spend time doing my favorite thing last week though: playing with small children! Justin is dating a lovely sweet girl named Carmen, who has a 3 year old baby girl named Olivia. Olivia was over at Justin’s for babysitting, so he called me over to come hang out. Of course, I promptly fell head over heels for this little girl, and spent all night with her. She fell asleep in my lap at about 10:30 or 11 that night, and stayed there until her mom came back at about 2am. I was in heaven! She’s a total sweetie..

This week has also been a total drag emotionally, because I’m PMSing like hell, and every puppy commercial makes me want to cry. DAMN HORMONES! I don find something online that brightened my day though. TaryAnn posted this gem on her page:, and I spent about 30 minutes tonight laughing my ass off. My best score is 883, but hers was 1190, blowing me out of the penquin-slapping water. I also found this one on the site too:, but it’s not quite as funny. I do like all the little waving feet sticking out of the dartboard though. My best score here was 403.

Atari is having another costume party in April, which I am excitedly planning for. It’s a ‘Vixens and Lizards’ party (Go-Go’s and lounge lizards), but I’m taking it literally and going as an actual vixen. I will have a lavender tie shirt, black lace-up stockings and hot pants, a black skirt, and lavender fox ears. I’m replacing the black ties in the stockings and pants with lavender ribbons, as well as making some lavender ribbon hair pieces. Add in a kick-ass fake back tattoo, a tail (somehow), and some cute lavender shoes, and I’ll be set!