This week has been fun! Baking my ass off. These addictive as hell cupcakes will help put my ass back on though. I made 18, and sent three to my mom, and now I have only one left! So tasty! I also made about 70 cookies for my Sociology class and my mom. I sent them to her for Valentine’s Day so she would feel better. I also sent her an adorable pair of giraffes and some candy. I love my mom!

School has been really busy. Mid-terms were this week, so I’ve been studying my head off. I made a 100 on my Sociology midterm which brings my grade to a.. 100. 🙂 In my Early Childhood Education class, I made an 86 on the midterm, bringing my grade down to a 94. 🙁 I withdrew from Algebra, so I don’t have to worry about it any more. Whew.

I’ve also been playing around at school on the train tracks, taking photos. I had a really fun ‘Bug’s eye view’ set on fotolog this week that just finished today. Next could be more trains or some nice fish. Joshua (great guy I’ve recently gotten to know from my Sociology class) suggested a Bug Beach shot, taken by the side of a puddle, which turned out really well.

I’ve been having some really great discussions about life and humanism in general with Joshua. I love talking with him. Makes me feel really smart, discussing intelligent topics in an educated manner. He also likes me for who I am, and how honest I am about things. This is more tough for him, because I’m already taken. I don’t understand why my honestly seems to attract so many people. It can’t be that rare of a thing, a girl that doesn’t play those stupid social games… Maybe not. It almost makes me sad, in a way, but Joshua is too much fun to be melancholy for too long. 🙂