John said something this evening that made me really angry, and it took me a while to figure out why. I have it now. He mentioned, in passing, something about being ‘manly’ or ‘being a man’. Now, men don’t make me angry on principal, so what is it about being ‘manly’ that does? First, lets define being manly. What is it? To me, it seems like being ‘manly’ is a lot like being an idiot. It’s something adult men force on their sons in hopes of keeping him from turning out gay or womanly, or sissy. Now, why is this so important? Why on earth in a little boy that falls down an hurts himself told “Don’t cry son, you look like a girl.” or “Walk it off.” or even “Be a man.”? The little girl that hurts herself and cries is held and shushed and kissed, but never told to walk it off. This tells me that most adult men think that little girls are weak and pitiable. Creatures to be protected and cosseted. Little boys, on the other hand, need to grow up to be ‘Real Men’, not sissies. No sensitivities here, ma’am. No tears, no emotions. We’ll win our women and our meat. Right… Now, every woman I’ve ever talked to prefers a sensitive man to a ‘manly’ man. I’d much rather be spoken to than ‘won’. I’m not an object to be possessed. I’m no prize, no trophy. So why is it so important that a little boy be ‘a man’, rather than allowed to show emotion? Is it that crying little boys are weak? No.. they’re children. Men that cry aren’t weak either. It’s a natural thing to cry. So why does society seem to think that a man that cries is weak? I cry, but I’m not weak. I’m a strong woman. I’m strong because I’m not afraid of crying. I’m not scared to show my emotions. ‘Manly’ men just make me mad. It’s as if you’re saying “Be a man, because you sure as hell don’t want to be thought of as a girl. Girls are weak. Girls are pathetic. Girls aren’t as good as us.” That’s total bullshit. If any man reading this thinks that being ‘manly’ is what a woman wants, you’d better re-evaluate the situation. Being ‘manly’ is a crock of shit.’, ‘, 21, 880, 12, ‘Heather Lickliter’, ‘If anyone thinks “You go, girl!” is an appropriate comment to this, I will track your IP and chop out your spleen while you sleep.

Also, for anyone that thinks that this is ‘male bashing’, please read the text. It’s not at all. It’s me saying that I don’t like the way little boys and girls are raised.