‘Warning: This will be a long post! In order, this post will cover: Christmas, New Year’s, Atari’s Birthday Dinner, Art, School and finally Finances. I’m sorry again for being gone for so long! I meant to update on Christmas, but John and I were out of state. I meant to update on January 1st, but I uploaded photos from the New Year’s party and then had to run out before I could post. Then the rest of the week has been a mad scary dash for school.

On Christmas Eve, John and I went down to see his mother. I think she spent more on me that John spent on me, and I KNOW she spent more on me that I spent on him. It’s a little unnerving. I’m careful with other people’s money, and I hate feeling like I’m taking any happiness away from anyone. Spending money on myself makes me happy. I didn’t like a pair of pants she got me, so I exchanged it for a dress that I fell in love with. A dress! Can you believe it? It’s a little red and black strapless thing that screams Summer. Anyway, so then John and I went up to see my mother in NC on Christmas day. It was nice to see her and see my brother again. She got me a new cell phone. The number is still the same though. The phone is awesome because I can download ringers and games onto it (if I had any time). Jared got me some lavender bath stuff and some assorted candy. The lavender bath stuff makes me mucho happy. I used to have some as a kid, and I forgot how much I love lavender. We slept there that night on a horribly cold air mattress on the floor in her guest room, then drove back. I spent the day after working on cleaning up my wreck of an apartment and the commissions.
New Year’s was quite nice, but a little more quiet than I was expecting. John and I went down to Atlanta to Atari’s (the same guy that throws the kick-ass costume parties). It was a little less well attended than the last one, but that served to make it better, in a toned-down sort of way. It was a really normal party until someone decided that strip twister was a good idea. Yeah… The way it works is just like normal twister, but if you fall you take off an article of clothing. After little debate, I decided to play as well. I’m horribly bad at twister, and predictably, I lost. I lost my top and bra, but I couldn’t go any further south because it was ‘that time of the month’ for me. Grrr. 🙁 Because of that as well, I was not drinking (mess up your belly). So we drove home sober and un-naked, but you can see the photos in the Parties album.
Then drove back down the day after for Atari’s Birthday dinner, in which we invade an Outback in Atlanta somewhere with 40 people. It was much fun. Once again, I had to order from the kiddie menu because I don’t like anything on the real menu. Stuck with my norm, chicken tenders. 🙂 It was very funny molesting the wait staff there. They were less than pleased. John and I left because I had to get to work early the next day, but I somehow thought it would be a good idea to drive into downtown Atlanta and take pictures instead of going to bed (mistake!). I got some great photos (which will be up on everyday beautiful as I have time) though, so I was glad for that at least.
At some point in there, I finished Atari’s commission, which you may be able to see on Schlock Horror at some point. I also finished Earth for Heather and Water for Cliff, both of which I am very pleased with. I also got totally sick of the layout for Midnight Confessions, so I chucked it and re-designed it with something that works a little better for me. It’s less fancy, but much less of a pain-in-the-ass to update when I DO have new work. This also brings me to the end of my requested artwork, because no one else has asked for anything! So, I’m still taking commissions, for anyone that’s still wondering. I’ve really liked these, because I get to do more things that I would have normally thought of.
On a new topic: I’M BACK IN SCHOOL!!! That’s right, I can finally quit bitching about my lack of an education and do something about it! It all happened so fast that it still hasn’t hit me yet. I’m sure it will tomorrow as I am sitting is class. I’m taking College Algebra (eeek!), Intro to Sociology (whee!), and Intro to Early Childhood Education (whee!). I’m still quite apprehensive, but I think I’ll make it. I’m two days late though, which so will not make a nice impression in class. I never got a letter telling me when registration was, and it turns out that it was three days ago! Shit! So it was a mad dash to get registered and in the right classes, then to get it all paid for, etc… I have the Pell Grant because my income is so low, but it doesn’t pay for anything BUT tuition, which means I have to get a private loan from somewhere else to make up for the time I’ll be losing from work. John’s dad will be co-signing a loan for me so I won’t have to worry about money at all, which will be quite nice. I’m very excited about that part.