Well, yesterday was the biggest shipping day of the year. I work at what is now called The UPS Store. UPS purchased MBE (mail boxes etc) corporate and told us all to change our names to The UPS Store and we could have lower rates and higher volume. That was about 7 months ago. Since then, customer volume has skyrocketed about 80%, there have been 500 new UPS Stores added to the ‘family’, and each store is running an average of about 4 shipping stations (up from last year’s 2). These shipping stations run online off of servers in Seattle. Too bad no one thought to add more servers. All morning there was a noticeable lag as all of the United States rushed to a post office or UPS Store to ship Christmas presents. At about 1pm across America, there was a great “Aurgh!” from 4500 UPS Stores as all of the servers in Seattle went down and stayed down for about 45 minutes. This means about 30-40 customers that never got a tracking number on the packages they shipped out then, and an extra 45 minutes at the end of the work day spent re-shipping them so they WILL have a tracking number. Wheee.. I get to do it all again today.