I miss my sister. I really do. She just put up some new shots of herself in Scotland. In them are things that I’ve never seen in my life, things that I’ll probably never see anytime soon, or perhaps even at all… but she sees them everyday. It reminds me again of how far away she really is, and how different her world is from mine. She still sounds the same when I talk to her on the phone, so it’s a little difficult to remember that she’s halfway across the world. In fact, it’s easier to think of her as down the road instead of on another continent. But she’s not. She’s far far away from me, seeing things that I’ve never seen, doing things I’ve never done and having a lot of fun.. all without me. ::sigh:: It hurts all the more because it serves as a reminder of how mundane MY life sometimes seems to be. I go to work, I come home.. etc. I don’t get to go to Holland for a few days on a weekend, or hope across into France if I like. I want adventure, I want excitement.. and I want my sister back. 🙁

On a completely different subject, some of you may have noticed the lack of updates in the photo gallery. This is not because I’m taking fewer photos. No, far from it. It’s because they’ve all been going into Everyday Beautiful, my account on Fotolog.net. This is where I put my everyday photos that I think are nice, but really don’t go on my web page at all. The premise behind the flog is this: How often do we pass by something absolutely stunning, only because we’ve seen it before? What, if we took the time to notice, would make us stand in awe, even if it’s something we see every day? That’s what I want to show. I see most of the things that are in that fotolog every day as I go to work or go about my day. Some are at night, others in the sunsets. All of them I like a lot, and I think that they do a good job of conveying what I’m trying to show. Go take a look (to go through the rest of my photos, look at the bottom of the ones on the left and click ‘more’) if you like, and tell me what you think.