Wow, what a week! I’ve been actually too busy to blog! Here’s a rundown:

This whole week has seen me at work like a damn chicken, running around trying to do 20,000 things at once. It’s the week before the end of November (end of November being right before December, the busiest shipping month of all), so we’ve been trying to get everything ordered and stowed away in storage, because we don’t have time to order things in December. It’s started today, actually. We were really busy today, and someone was already shipping Christmas shit. I sent Meggie’s gift today as well, because it’s going so far. Hopefully she’ll get it before Christmas.

On Friday, John and I watched Disney’s Brother Bear, and I was pretty disappointed. I was hoping for something on the caliber of Mulan or The Emperor’s New Groove (both of which are wonderfully animated and have pretty adult story lines), but Brother Bear was a letdown in the story department. The animation was beautiful, wonderfully done and sharp. I’ll rent it to see again just because of how they did the Northern Lights. The story line, however, was very childish. It dealt with family ties and being a good brother. Which is okay, I guess, but it was all lovely-dovey, teaching family values, being a friend… etc. There were a total of about 3 adult targeted jokes, and that was the end of it. ::sigh::

On Saturday, I went to the first and last college football game of my life. I was invited to go to the final UGA home game (we played Kentucky) by a guy old enough to be my dad. He’s just been through a horrid divorce, has been asking me for a year, knows I’m in love.. etc. I felt sorry for him, so I agreed. The game was kinda fun, except for this horrible man a few rows away that kept barking through the whole damn thing. He’d just sit there and bark (UGA’s mascot is the Bull’dawg’) forever. It was so annoying. Since I don’t care that much about men in padded suits beating the hell out of each other, I didn’t really watch the game that carefully. UGA won 30/10, but it wasn’t all that exciting to me at all. I have to say that I won’t be going anywhere with that guy again, because he tried to kiss me when it was time for me to go. I was so glad I didn’t have him pick me up. I don’t want him knowing where I live.

On Sunday, John and I went to Wal-Mart (yeah, but it’s cheap) to get out pictures professionally taken. Neither of us have had our photos done since we were in high school 5 years ago, so we figured it was time. Since we’ve been together for three years now, we decided to get them together and send them to people with Christmas gifts. This will work well for out parents and uncles and such. We had fun taking them, contorted into such horribly unnatural positions that we thought we were in the circus, but the photos turned out quite well. There was this one where she has us lean over a little table with our hands on a rose in the center of it that was just wonderful, except that my knees will be forever damaged because of the position and strain it took to get INTO that pose. It looked cute though. We took 7 shots and chose 4 to keep. I go pick them up on December 9. I’ll scan them in at work and post them all up here so everyone can see what idiots we are. 🙂

I’m still horribly behind on commissions too, because of being sick for so long. After my bout with Strep, I got stuck with a residual ear infection which made me feel like hell for 5 days. That finally went away totally Saturday night, so on Sunday I woke up feeling quite human, until my teeth started hurting again. The holes left after fillings fall out are bad, and not having insurance or a spare $3000 to fix them is even worse. So, they hurt… A lot, sometimes. Anbesol is my friend, but sometimes it doesn’t help much. I’d be in so much better shape if I could get my health problems under control. 🙂