Tonight at 8pm on TBS, they’re playing The Wizard of OZ. 🙂 This makes me very happy. Not because I love the movie, but because it’s a tradition in my family to watch it every time it’s on in November. We used to be excited for weeks before it came on TV, knowing that we’d get such a treat when the final night came. In our family, it’s tradition to get some Dunkin’ Donut’s Munchkins, some Diet Coke or Sprite, and sit up watching The Wizard of OZ until midnight. This is a big shit when your normal bedtime is 9pm and you’re not allowed to have candy and coke at all. I mean, here we all are, sitting up late and wired until midnight. It’s great! So, tonight, I’m going to get some donut holes from Krispy Kreme (we have no Dunkin’ Donuts here), some soda and sit up until it’s over. I’m making John sit here at watch it with me too, even if he doesn’t get as excited about it as I do. The Tradition will live on!