‘On the TV, there have been all these commercials of women shaving their armpits in the shower, talking about the Dove 7 day test. Dove’s new deodorant claims that because it’s 1/4 moisturizer, it makes your armpits feel and look nicer after shaving. After seeing these commercials, I thought to myself “WTF? What would I ADD moisture there, if I use an anti-persperant so I don’t smell bad?” So, a few weeks later, my regular deodorant ran out. I was at the store looking at my normal stuff (Secret), then I noticed the Dove stuff nearby. The Dove product was significantly cheaper, so I said “What the hell.” and bought some. I’m on day 6 of my own little 7-day test, and so far, I LOVE it. My underarms look better, feel better, and smell just as nice as my other stuff. Any woman who don’t like armpits (namely her own) should seriously try this stuff. I keep getting consistently surprised by the quality of Dove products. I’ve used Dove soap for ages, but I also recently switched from Pantene to Dove shampoo and conditioner. I have to fight the temptation to go buy everything they make. I will have to check into some leg lotion though. If my legs felt as nice as my armpits do now, I’d buy stock.