Well, Halloween was a blast, even if I was sick the entire time. There was a huge wreck on 85south getting there, so when we arrived poor Tang (Arthur) was like “Where have you been? I’ve been called a bunny more times than I can count! John, get into your costume!” John dashed to the bathroom to change while I made my rounds and laughed at everyone. K was her usual Hot and Sexy jolly self, and her cow was quite a hit at the party. Atari’s Hell’s Angel’s costume was great. I didn’t even recognize him at first. Aaron’s ‘fucking the fans’ pun had to be explained more times than he liked, but it was great anyway. The Tick and Arthur were soon reunited, and everyone cleared out of a whole room just for the the photo-taking of the pair. Hours of laughing and mingling took place until it was time to print the awards for the contests. Atari was too drunk to cut in a straight line, so I stayed waiting in his room for an hour until the printer finished. It was a nice change from the loudness outside, and I liked just sitting a bit. This is the point that my camera ran out of batteries, so I failed to get the costume contests. I won Best Poster, but that was because I was the only entrant. 🙂 Atari and Cliff as Hell’s Angel’s won best costume, with The Tick and Arthur coming in a very close second and Bees Lincoln in third. K and her man won best Cordial. As sick as I was, John had to drive us back up here so I could sleep in my own damn bed. Sleeping on a couch there would have killed me.