Well, I’ve just realized why I’ve wanted to cry this entire week. Megan. Or, the lack of. ::sigh:: Every year at about this time, Megan and I have been busy finishing our Halloween costumes. Excited. Together. This year, she’s gone. I’m finishing my costume(s) alone at nights, and she’s a continent away and not excited at all (the Scots just don’t do Halloween like we do). John just doesn’t get excited about much at all, let alone Halloween. No one else I know really does either except for Atari, who lives 50 miles away in Atlanta. ::frown:: It’s my favorite time of the year, and I can’t share it with the person that I usually do, and I can’t get excited with anyone. Damn you, Megan! ::sniffle::

In other news… Well, not really, because it’s still costumes… I may not wear the geisha costume after all. Steve told me to dress up for Halloween at work on Friday. I didn’t have anything to wear (Alice is too short, green fairy has too much wing to work in, black witch sold on ebay, peacock is too confining… etc). I threw together a Saloon Girl costume using one of my mom’s old costumes. It actually turned out looking really good (and warm!), and I’m considering wearing it instead.. The geisha costume will just be a pain in the ass to do. I’ll have to get ready in Saloon Girl for work, at 8am, work until 2-3pm, then come back and change into a Geisha to go down to Atlanta. I’d have to get my make-up correct before we left, then check on it when we get there. I’d have to remember all night not to rub my eyes or rub on other people, then I’d have to wash my face like.. 20 times that night to get it all off…. I think I may just save myself the hassle and go in what I’ll already have on. I’ll already have my hair done and curled.. etc. I think the geisha may just wait until later. Maybe next year, or next July Halloween.. or something. I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I’m leaning heavily toward the Saloon Girl.