Yay for a warm snuggly fuzzy scarf and tasseled hat from Meggie in Scotland! ::hops up and down:: Meggie told me she was going to send me a hat and scarf from the pretty cashmere shop she works in over there, and she did! They’re so nice! Thank you Meggie!!! I came in for work this morning and a package was on my desk, waiting for me. I opened it up and found these. 🙂 I donned them in seconds, then grabbed my camera and set the self timer so I could get a photo up before I got home. After taking no less than 36 pictures, I finally got a decent one. I think they look cute on me, and I will certainly be wearing them this winter as it gets cooler. Meggie says that they are handmade from lambs wool from the northern shores of Scotland! She also says that she is a ‘lass-in-training’. Now, I just need to send her something from here that she doesn’t already have! Narg!