Well, this whole weekend is JapanFest down in Stone Mountain. It’s only about 45-60 minutes away from Athens, so I’ve badgered John into going with me for both Saturday and Sunday. I’ve prepared already by wiping my camera of photos and buying more batteries. There will be Sumo, archery (with 7 foot bows!), and lots of pretty girls in Kimonos. So, everyone knows how excited I am. I’m such an egg, it’s pretty pathetic. I just love anything Asian. I told Wesley “If I were a man, I’d be dating an Asian woman.” So, expect a fuckton of photos of all things Japanese.

Larry is taking Meggie’s cats for 6 months. She has to get blood tests done before they’re allowed into Scotland, and they take 6 months to do. So, the girl that has her cats right now has kept them for 2 months longer than she was supposed to. She’ll kill them if she has to keep them for any longer than two more weeks, so Larry has agreed to keep them with his two for the time she needs the get that done. So, all 4 of my very favorite kitties will be in one place! I’m giving him my cat tree, and Meggie is including her litter box and etc. I should be driving them both down on Saturday or Sunday of next week. This all in contingent on me getting my tag paid for and such. I can’t drive 80 miles on an illegal tag and not expect to get pulled over.

I’ve been practicing putting on my white Geisha makeup at home for the past few nights. I tried some white canvas primer I had last night, but that was a disaster. Not only does it crack when dry, but it dries into plastic, so taking it off involves basically peeling it off your face. It was bad. I’ve got the wig mostly fixed, but I need some extra black hair to put into it. It had a bun, but I wanted to make a loop of hair in front of it, to put the Kanzashi into. John still has yet to decide what he wants to do for Halloween. He always leaves it to the last minute, then complains that his costume looks like hell next to mine. He just doesn’t care that much about costumes, I suppose. Maybe we can find him a Sumo costume at JapanFest this year.

Weird Al has a brand new CD out. Has since May. I have no idea how I did not hear of this. I’m so angry I have missed this. Normally I go buy the new CD’s of his the very day they come out, and have all of the songs memorized within a week. I got an email from his mailing list this morning letting me know that I can pre-order the The Ultimate Video Collection DVD for only $13.98. I went and saw that the CD had been out for 5 months, so I was forced to order that one as well. It’s a good thing his merchandise is so inexpensive. The CD should be here soon, but the DVD won’t be released until November. 🙁 Poop.