Yesterday, it was as if everyone was under an obligation to be quiet. Everyone that I talked to was speaking quietly. No one smiled a real smile. It was as if everyone’s dog had just died. No one laughing, no one being loud, no one out enjoying the day. I knew, of course, just like everyone else, what day it was. I was quiet too. I wasn’t quiet though, because I was angry, or because I was scared. It wasn’t like people were suddenly going to lynch me if I laughed loudly. I was quiet mostly because I was sad. I was sad that we had to lose so many loved ones for the heroes to come out. I was sad that we can’t be nice to one another, or stand as one, except when hurt. America is like Celtic Scotland or Ireland. We fight amongst ourselves when there’s no one to fight against. It makes me sad that there is so much hate in the world. We’re all human. I don’t care if the person I’m talking to is different than me. I don’t care if he or she might be Jewish, or Muslim. I don’t think it matters if that person shares my same cares and viewpoints, or even if that person is gay or lesbian.. or not. All of us have a mind. We’re all built with the same genetic codes and born in the same ways. It makes me so very sad that we can’t just accept, instead of fighting. Why do people have to point and say “Hey! You’re not like me! You must be bad!” ::sigh:: I really don’t understand why our individuality is seen as negative.