Well, the first on the way to raising enough money to purchase the Canon Powershot S400 is finished. After days of pounding my head on the background, Fire has come to full life and “luscious color”. I’ve given her to her purchaser, and he’s quite happy with her. As always, I was really worried that he’d like her, but Cliff had assured me that Fire is perfect. As another shameless plug for my art site, Midnight Confessions, you can go see what else I have up. If you’re attached to one of the pictures already there and want to buy it and it’s movie, then you can e-mail me for it. She’s again drawn in OpenCanvas, but only BJ gets the movie for her. If you want your own, e-mail or AIM me. As the days go by and the commissions roll in (yeah right), you’ll be able to see the money meter go up on the right. Again, my goal is $500 to get the camera and accessories(because my current one is crapping out on me).