On Friday, Wesley (my co-worker) talked me into going out with him and Eric to BoneShakers (the local gay club/bar) for a Drag Show. Now, when I say Drag Show, I don’t mean a tractor pull or something. I mean men making up odd names for themselves, dressing up as women and doing dance numbers. It was all part of the BoyButante Back to School bash. I met 6 professional drag queens, all of them with funny names. Like Anastsia Armani, Ella Gant, Leetha Weapons, Wild Cherry Sucret, Sasha Jeans, etc. Leetha Weapons I didn’t meet this time, because she died in a car accident in May, but I met her last Halloween with Megan downtown. The party was so fun! We got there, and there was no one in the bar itself. I thought “there’s no one here. How boring..”, but then we went outside, with the rest of the 300 or so people. The drag Queens were on stage one by one, doing songs by different artists. They had to have changed clothes like.. 15 times each. While they were singing, people would come up and give them tips. I wanted to tip the woman that does all Reba covers, but she left early. Wesley says she has AIDS, which makes me really sad. After the show, we came back in to dance. The club was playing Zion (the booty-shake song from Matrix Reloaded) when we got inside, so I was excited. Wesley and Eric went up on the little stage in the corner to dance, and somehow managed to get me up there too. We all danced up there for about 10-15 minutes, then got some water. I was SO tired! I drank 4 cups of water trying to make my legs work again. Wow. They wore me out! After a bit of shmoozing and such, we left because I was getting really sleepy. I got back in at about 3am.
On Saturday, I rebuilt Qugley’s old cage to become Quigley and Maisie’s new cage. It was hard work to plan and build, but it was done by about 4pm. The bunnies didn’t go into it until about 7pm. They were hiding behind the sofa, scared of all the noise. The cage is now almost 6 feet tall, with 4.5 levels. As you can see in the pictures, the 5th level is only a half level, because I need to get into the top of the cage to clean. It now has a pair of red patio bricks for the bunnies to keep cool on, and some nice grassy mats to lie on and chew up. With 4 whole levels, they should be able to stay out of each other’s way if they need to. They slept in it last night. No fights, but both of them fell off the top level twice. I have to make some guardrails or something to keep them from hurting themselves. As I type this, they’re snuggled together, sleeping on the cool bricks.

The rest of this weekend was fun too. I dyed my hair last night after building the cage. I picked up 2 boxes of dye at Target Friday. It was supposed to be a copper penny red, so I got impatient and did it myself. It came out a lot darker than on the box though, and I got a nice dark auburn. Not what i wanted, but nice anyway. Dad and his wife came up to visit today for lunch. She’s never been out of Ohio before, so she’s having fun this week. It’s been a fun weekend.