Well, three days ago, I began introducing Maisie and Quigley, with the hope that they will bond. Bunnies ‘bond’ for life, and they get fat and depressed if separated. The advantages to having a bonded pair are that they are housed together and can be out at the same time. So, now that both are spayed/neutered, let the bunny bonding commence! The steps to successfully bonding your rabbits are:

1. Let rabbits get used to each other over a period of three weeks or longer.
2. Put both bunnies in the bathtub. They are scared, and will huddle together for safety.
3. Let bunnies out of the bathtub when they need to be out, but keep them in the same room.
4. After 30 minutes, let bunnies into larger room together.
5. Let bunnies out together, separate them if they fight.
6. Watch for mutual grooming as a good sign.
7. Move bunnies in together after a week or so of grooming.

So, I had rabbits in my bathtub a few days ago. They’re at step 6 right now, and I’m already planning the new bunny house. Whee! You can see the rest of the bonding pics in the Rabbit Photo Album.