Well, I was thinking.. Maybe my dear readers would help me raise money for a new camera. You’ll notice I said ‘raise’ and not ‘give me’. 🙂 Anyway, here’s my idea: I was thinking that for a little fee, I’d do a drawing for you. Only you, of whatever you want. This means that as a customer, you’d be basically commissioning work from me, and that the final product would be yours. This also means that it’d be the only one of said subject ever made. You’d get the digital picture, the OpenCanvas movie, and access to a store on cafepress that you could order anything out of. For example, if you chose ‘Fire’ from my list below, you’d get a drawing of ‘Fire” as I see her (think back to my four seasons), and that no one else would get a drawing of ‘Fire’ or the address to that cafepress store. You could either order in black and white for $15 – $25, or color for $35 – $50. I figure if I can get 10 people at $50 each, I can afford to get the high end Canon that I want and keep it for the next three years. You could either give me a subject, or pick from the list of currently in my head, below. The only rules are as follows: 1, No men. I’m terrible with them right now and I’d never be happy with one. 2. No sex. I refuse to draw sex. If you want hentai, I will charge extra.

Demoness or cat woman, lots of flowing hair!

So, does anyone think this is a good idea or is willing to participate?