This morning at about 8am, I get a phone call from Bruce. “Hey, you awake enough to take Issac? We’re going to go to the hospital and try to have a baby today.” I can hear the smile in his voice. I say “Yeah, sure. I’m good.”, and he says he’ll be over in just a few minutes. 15 minutes later, he shows up and hold a towel out to me. “Here, a present for you. It’s a baby rabbit.” Sure enough, squirming around in the towel is a tiny wild cottontail. Bruce says “It was squirming around in the driveway. It was either run it over or bring it here.” So, during the course of the past two hours, Christine’s been admitted into the hospital, and I’ve been on the phone with every wildlife rehab person in Georgia. With the help of a few web sites like this one, I’ve found that the best chance this guy has is for me to find the nest and replace him. This baby is less than 6 days old, and must have been picked up by a predator. Mama rabbit never moves the babies that young. I’m hoping to find the nest later on tonight at around dusk, because that’s when mom-bunny comes back to feed them. One wildlife rehab person told me to try and feed him a little sugar water in the meantime, so I mixed some up. I fed it to him, and he(it?) seemed to perk up a bit. They sleep all day in the wild, so I’ll take sleeping now as a good sign. He’s got one small scratch on his foot and another on one side, perhaps from the driveway flopping, but more likely from whatever put him there. Septicemia is fatal, so I’m hoping he wasn’t hurt by a cat.

Edit: 10:19PM. The bunny did not make it. Trinny and I went looking for the nest and found a sibling who also did not make it. At least he died warm and with a full belly. That counts for something, I guess.