Well, my camera’s buttons finally quit working about 4 days ago. I can still take pictures, but that’s about it. I can’t change picture size, resolution, or color. I can’t change modes either. No more macro (very close), infinite (very far) or night modes for me. I can no longer delete pictures, or run through the ones I’ve already taken to show people. In short, about 2/3 of the functions on my camera no longer work. To add insult to injury, my camera (Olympus D-510 zoom) is no longer being made, so I have to send it back to the Olympus people to get it repaired, at a nice $200. I’ve been looking on Ebay to see if I can’t find some non-working cameras to use as parts. I only need the circuit board and the LCD screen (the LCD is attached to the board I need), but they’re a bit out of my current price range because I just paid ALL of my bills and past due taxes. What I really want is new one. I’ve decided on what I want too. It’s either a Canon Powershot S230 or a Canon Powershot S400. I played with both of these at Wolf Camera a few days ago, and really loved them. They both have all of the features I use, as well as some new ones. I’m really in love with that camera, and it’s as little as I want it to be. The S400 is a bit more expensive, but I really love the amout of zoom you get on that one. It has 11x, where the S230 only has 6x, and I HAVE to have zoom! Small enough to fit in my pocket, but it has a metal case, so it won’t get so banged up. ::sigh:: Hardware envy. Well, if anyone just happens to have an Olympus D-510 or a D-520 (or hell, a Canon Powershot S230/S400!) that they want to give away, PLEASE, let me know.